One Offs

Sticker Head

One day, while admiring my friend's bald head, I noticed its resemblance to a mango. Inspired by the fun branding of fruit stickers, I decided to design a collection of them and mock them up on my friend's head. This project aimed to blend the practicality of fruit stickers with the unconventional canvas of a human head, creating a playful and intriguing visual experience.

Time Moves Slow Tote

Claudine Magbag approached me to create merchandise for their latest single, "Time Moves Slow." After reviewing rough sketches, we agreed on a clock design featuring the release date. We wanted to capture the essence of the music and create a visually captivating design. The vintage clock was  designed to convey elegance and timelessness, with the time showcasing the specific release date. Carefully chosen colors and typography complemented the overall theme, while symbolizing the enduring quality of Claudine's music. This collaboration was a gratifying experience, merging my passion for design and music. The final merchandise design is a powerful representation of Claudine Magbag's artistic vision, resonating with fans and leaving a lasting impact

Shell Shock

Gabe Wiseman, an electronic artist graduating from a music program, approached me for an album cover design for his YouTube mix. We explored numerous graphics and illustrations from old rave flyers and similar mixes, seeking inspiration. Given the importance of the thumbnail in attracting viewers amidst countless options, we focused on creating something eye-catching and unique. Gabe found an appealing sketch of an egg head in my sketchbook, which aligned perfectly with the mix's title, "Shell Shock." After adding ink and stippling, I incorporated the illustration into a record sleeve format. To personalize it, Gabe wrote the title with his left hand, and I scanned it to integrate it. The result was a captivating album cover that represented Gabe's music and stood out among the rest.

My Friend Derek's

During the peak of the Covid outbreak, I noticed a peculiar man with a beard and a mask selling pizza boxes for cash outside his apartment. As a food enthusiast and lover of DIY projects, my curiosity was immediately sparked. I struck up a conversation with this intriguing individual and started ordering his delicious Detroit-style pizza. He didn't have a formal brand and didn't really mind, but he wanted to create some low-key advertisement by making hoodies. Gradually, we became friends, and he eventually asked me to design merchandise and pizza boxes for him. It brings me immense joy to see people wearing the merchandise I designed as they roam the streets of Fremont in Seattle.

Shower Curtain Bag

Inspired by the upcycling movement, I embarked on a self-taught journey to learn how to sew. When the time came to replace my worn-out shower curtain, I saw an opportunity to repurpose the old fabric in a creative way.I transformed it into a practical and stylish laptop bag.  I tailored it to accommodate my 16-inch MacBook perfectly with a side pocket to hold chargers and accessories. To ensure comfort and convenience, I added an adjustable shoulder strap, allowing me to carry my laptop with ease wherever I go. This innovative creation not only showcases my sewing skills and design skills but also reflects my commitment to sustainable practices through repurposed materials.

Last Resort Productions

Crafting a logo for Last Resort Productions, a small film production company, was an exciting project that allowed me to capture their distinct brand identity. The logo, with its neon colors and thoughtful composition, embodies the company's dedication to producing high-quality films that engage and captivate audiences. The creative brief given from the client was "Spring Breakers meets Corona beer".